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10km Solo Loop 69

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We encourage you to join and complete 10 kilometres by yourself on a nice, quiet route, keeping within a 5km radius of your home.

You can complete the ride at ANY time during the day that best suits you.

Remember to have a well earned cuppa at home after your ride!

Don't forget to take a photo and share it with us by email axacommunitybikerides@cyclingireland.ie or by messaging us on Facebook (AXA Community Bike Rides).

Remember to share your image with us within 24hrs of your bike ride taking place so your account is credited and you can earn rewards!

Please note, all solo rides need to be completed on your own, adhering to the Government's social distancing guidelines at all times:

1. keep at least 2 metres away from people.

2. wash your hands before and after the bike ride to avoid spreading or contracting the virus.

3. act responsibly at all times to ensure the safety of you and others.

4. keep within a 5km radius of your home.


Please complete a self-assessment personal screening questionnaire in advance of your bike ride.

Note that insurance cover is only extended for the duration of the individual bike ride you have registered to complete.

Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Cycling Ireland
Cycling Ireland


Join a solo ride and enjoy all the benefits of cycling and being part of our growing community, while being socially distant! Choose the day that suits you, sign up and complete the ride by yourself at any time during that day. Don't forget to share a photo from your ride with us so you can earn rewards!

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