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Edenderry/Croghan/Daingean 40km Loop

The Grand Canal Harbour, Edenderry - opposite 'Harbour House' bar
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This ride is open to all adults, but I'm really hoping it encourages more women to take part!

We will start our bike ride at the Grand Canal Harbour, Edenderry and head towards the village of Rhode. As we near the village, we will ascend Fahy Hill at our own pace and free wheel down to the traffic lights in the middle of Rhode. At these lights, we will go straight across the road when it is safe to do so, before heading towards Croghan Hill. Once again, we will be mindful of the ascent, and no-one will be left behind. As we approach the village of Croghan, we will slow down, turn left and head towards Daingean, which is about 6kms away. In Daingean, we will stop for a well deserved coffee/cake break, before we resume our cycle back to Edenderry. Lets hope the weather stays fine for this 40km spin!

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Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Joan Bourke
Joan Bourke


Hi, my name is Joan Bourke and I love to cycle. Why not join me on an AXA Community Bike Ride and enjoy all the benefits that cycling has to offer. See you then!

Leader Comments
Joan Bourke

A most enjoyable 40kms AXA Community Bike Ride today with a very welcome 'flat white' in Daingean. The next bike ride is planned for Saturday 23rd October at 10am. We will be cycling 31kms. All welcome!

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