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We meet at Arthurstown Bay Beach front where there is on street parking. From here, we cycle the 1.3km coast road over to Ballyhack car ferry. At our earliest opportunity, we board the car ferry with our bikes (walking on!) and pay the €3 each return fair when we board. Before we know it, we are 'All at Sea'! Welcome to Summer 2021 and all the excitement these bike rides have to offer! Minutes later, we arrive into port and depart the car ferry at Passage East, Co. Waterford; again walking our bikes off.

We make our way round the small village, one way system and head out the L4076 towards the village of Crook. You may have heard the saying By Hook or by Crook. We left Hook behind we are now at Crook! We follow the road all the way along the coast up past Woodstown Strand. Making our way along, we take a lefthand turn at Fairybush crossroads and head down into Dunmore East. There are public toilets here in the town centre. We follow the dock road beside the sea and make our way up the hill (walking is an option here, it's very steep, but the views at the top are so worth it). At the top of the hill is the local communal area with a grassy parkland offering stunning views out over the sea. We will stop here for our break. We will have travelled about 11kms at this stage. There are local shops quite close by if you'd like to pick up a tea or coffee, we can relax and enjoy this beautiful location before setting out on our way again.

We head on over towards the harbour and through the rest of the town towards Coxtown. We take a right hand turn at the L4068 junction and head back towards the town centre. Keeping with the one way, we go left onto the R684 and then turn right again to bring us onto the L4207 and then a left onto the 4076. We are now leaving Dunmore East for today and make our way back out the road we came in but at Fairybush cross we will proceed straight ahead, just for a change of scene on the return journey. This is rougly 19kms into our journey. We make our way down this road for about 2kms before turning right into Woodstown Lower which eventually brings us back down to Woodstown Strand. We follow the coast road back along to Passage East where we pick up the car ferry again to take us on our return trip back over to Ballyhack, Co, Wexford.  We cycle back up the small hill and along the coastal road to where we left our cars earlier. Our lovely 'Summer Outing Spin' comes to a close here. 

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Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Face mask
Money for cuppa
Money for car ferry
Picnic lunch
Sun cream
Georgina Gaul
Georgina Gaul


I love my bike! I love adventure, being outside in the fresh air, on the move, all year round. I love how it makes me feel - Alive! I honestly believe the best experiences are shared experiences which is why I decided to register to become a Ride Leader. I want to share the 'Feel Good' with as many people as possible. We will never be as young again as we are now, let's give it a go and see what happens!

Leader Comments
Georgina Gaul

Gorgeous spin. A little on the hilly side but stunning views out to sea and back at Co.Wexford. Roads were reasonably quiet for a bank holiday Monday which was very welcome. 

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