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Tramore to Wit Arena Loop 1

AppleGreen Service Station, Tramore Road
Group size
5 Participants
All Bikes

We will start with introductions, bike safety check and a chat about the route. This route will prepare us for cycling onto the Greenway and is a good introduction to the hills around Tramore that we need to be familiar with.

Depart Apple Green Service Station, heading for Waterford and take the 2nd exit at Summerville roundabout.

We will cycle for appox 6km to Ballindud roundabout; this will give us the opportunity to practice cycling two abreast and rolling up.

At the Ballindud roundabout we will take the 1st exit, continuing up the hills and taking the 2nd exit at the next four roundabouts. There will be several opportunities to stop, re-group and take a drink of water on this section. The spin Leader will guide the group through the roundabouts.

We will continue to the WIT arena roundabout, taking the first exit into the Arena. Here we can stop for coffee and have a look at the greenway access point for future spins.

After coffee and a chat, we will leave the WIT Arena, taking the 2nd exit at the next two roundabouts and 3rd exit at the Audi garage roundabout.  We will cycle for about 5km out the Cork Road and take a left at the Tramore Cross, towards Tramore.

Here we will take on Daly’s hill. There will be several opportunities to stop, re-group and take a drink of water on this stretch.  We will continue for about 9km into Tramore, back through the Glen Road; 1st exit, then 3rd exit at the next two roundabouts, finishing at the AppleGreen Service Station.

Please click here to familarise yourself with the Safety Guidance in place for group rides during Covid-19.

Please also complete a self-assessment personal screening questionnaire in advance of your bike ride.

Note that insurance cover is only extended for the duration of the individual bike ride you have registered to complete.

Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Coffee Stop
Fiona O'Neill
Fiona O'Neill


As an enthusiastic, leisure cyclist I’ve wanted to support people who would like to cycle in a group and improve their road skills, but who feel that joining a cycling club is not for them. Many cyclists have little opportunity to take part in group cycling and I see the AXA Community Bike Rides as a means to get more people enjoying and improving their cycling experience.

Leader Comments
Fiona O'Neill

Beautiful sunny day for a trip to the WIT Arena and a stop for coffee, despite roadworks.