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Piercestown to Our Lady’s Island

Piercestown National School
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Parking today is on the street at the school in Piercestown. We head over towards the Kilmore Road on the L3042 and when we get to the junction we cross the road making our way down through Orristown to the Rosslare Road. We turn right here and cycle down the hard shoulder of the N25 as far as Killinick where we take another right turn, picking up the L3051 and following it to the cross of Twelveacre. We take a left turn here and follow the road down to Tagoat. We turn right again and come back out onto the N25 Rosslare Road and cycle down as far as Kilrane Village where we turn right and take the L7102, following it as far as Ballyaddragh. We turn right again here and this is where the fun begins because we are taking the L7103 and turning a right again shortly afterwards as we follow the 'Fairy Lane'. We pass through the cross of the barracks. The L7103 takes us through a gap in the landscape between Kisha Hill and the Hill of Coldblow, bringing us up onto the 'Little Lane'. I'm not going to lie to you here, but I think we can expect a couple of potholes and mud. We might aswell keep it real! Moving along, we cross over St. Margaret's Lane and eventually come to Our Lady's Island cemetry. We take a left turn here and our coffee stop (20 minutes approximately) is at Our Lady's Island. Taking back up the cycle, we head on the L3060 and turn off to the left onto the L3065. We cycle over through Tacumshane and onto Ballymacane Cross. We go right and pass over the bridge of the cotts. Cycling up the road, we turn left at the cross and continue on down our second 'Fairy Lane' of the day. We follow this road right over to Tomhaggard where we take a right hand turn onto the L3055, passing through Whitecross and onto Silverspring Crossroads which is a staggered junction. Here we are crossing straight over and we then pass through Leache's Cross and make our way up into Mayglass. Passing through the village we take a right and pass over by the water tower and cycle down the L3045. We cycle down the hill and eventually come to the T-junction which connects us with the R739 or as we know it, The Kilmore Road. Taking a left turn here, we make the short cycle up the road to our next left turn which takes us back onto the L3042 - the turn for Piercestown which takes us back to our start point.

This particular cycle will take us down some small lanes. The road surface may not be smooth on these roads. It's a good idea to check that your tyres are inflated well to help avoid getting a puncture. If you are not sure of your tyre pressure, I am happy to help you check it at the beginning of the cycle before we set out. 

New faces welcome on all rides 😊

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Leader Recommendations
Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Face Mask
Money for a Cuppa
Warm Layers
Georgina Gaul
Georgina Gaul


I love my bike! I love adventure, being outside in the fresh air, on the move, all year round. I love how it makes me feel - Alive! I honestly believe the best experiences are shared experiences which is why I decided to register to become a Ride Leader. I want to share the 'Feel Good' with as many people as possible. We will never be as young again as we are now, let's give it a go and see what happens!

Leader Comments
Georgina Gaul

Blue sky and sunshine for today's winter bike ride. We ventured into the unknown today and cycled down some narrow lanes and quiet roads. The heart of the countryside. We met people on horseback and stopped for coffee at Our Lady's Island. The sunshine made the water in the lake glisten. It felt like Spring out there today for sure and I think the route choice got the thumbs up from everyone. Definitely to be repeated.

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