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Do you remember when we only had 5kms, nevermind 2, to play with? Well, this was one of my favourite routes inside my 5k zone. A mixture of quiet country lanes and roads before returning to the hustle & bustle of the Swords bypass with its hard shoulders and soon to be cycle lanes. One day I did this loop 5 times, a gran fondo, 100km in just under 4hrs and all perfectly legal!

We shall meet Friday evening at 1830hrs at the gate to Forrest Little Golf Club. Travelling parallel to the main road, up Cooks Lane and briefly to the roundabout before coming back on ourselves and heading down Kilreesk Lane. As the days light fades, best practice calls for lights on your bike, front and rear, so make sure they're charged up in time for the spin. 

Travelling up past Rivermeade and the rear of St. Margaret's Golf Club to Mount Ambrose and my favourite road, a tree lined canopy through to Balcultry. You should see it in the autumn, the colours are amazing! A gentle downhill, freewheeling our way towards Lispopple, yielding at the junction with the Ashbourne road, over the Broadmeadow River, then continuing for the long straight Roganstown to Balheary - I like this section because there's no trees, go figure, lol.

Skirting around the skatepark, left at the fire station and out onto the bypass, taking the hard shoulder and bus lanes as far as the junction with Airside and Boroimhe. A right turn brings us back towards the Forrest Road (That's right Forrest with 2x 'r' s - it's a local thing) and to our finish point. 

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Rain Jacket
Spare inner tube
Front light
Rear light
Dave Conroy
Dave Conroy


Cycling 5 years in Fingal & a few holidays across Europe - most recently the Moselle wine valley & Bavarian Brewery Bike tour! In 2018, I took up the Cycling Ireland #2828challenge which led me to joining a club and completing a handful of sportives over the last year. Still learning and still enjoying the leisurely aspect whilst sharing a common interest, with new friends, plenty of coffee, cake and ice-cream!

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Dave Conroy

Grand evening for the spinning.