Tintern Abbey to Hook Head

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Summer 2021 - Destination Spin No 3

Tintern Abbey to Hook Head. 

Today's bike ride brings our 'Summer Destination Spins' to a close for this year. Let's make it special and one to remember. Our journey begins at the car park at the gate of Tintern Abbey, we take a left hand turn out the gate and follow the road down to and through Saltmills. Continuing along the L4043, we make our way over to Fethard and we make a right hand turn in the centre of the village onto the R734; this is the main road from Fethard to Hook Head. We are in for a treat! There are stunning views all along this route and before we know it we will be able to see Hook Lighthouse in the distance. We pass the infamous 'Loftus Hall' on our travels.  The road to Hook Head is well travelled by tourists so we can expect to have a fair amount of cars passing us on the approach. We will stop for our coffee break at Hook Head and will have travelled 18kms at this stage. 

(William Marshal, a Knights Templar, known as the Greatest Knight, built the lighthouse tower to protect and develop the shipping trade, which was so important in the 13th century. Monks looked after the lighthouse tower until 1641. Lightkeepers and their families lived at the lighthouse until 1977. It's still operational and is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world.)

There's a coffee shop and toilets here (covid restrictions may apply to these toilets). There's plenty of space to set the bikes down, stretch out on the grass and relax. If we are lucky, we might catch a glimpse of something exciting out to sea. Seals are common around the Hook area and there have been sightings of Whales. Keep your eyes open because you just never know. Another fabulous natural beauty spot, it's a great location for taking pictures if you'd like to. The return journey today takes us back a slightly different route. Just after Loftus hall, we will make a left hand turn onto the L4045 and head back in the direction of Duncannon but just before we reach it we make a right hand turn on to the L8102 which takes us out onto the R734 at Abbey Par 3 Golf. We turn left at this junction and a short distance up the road, we turn right taking us down a very small road leading onto 'Trail' which takes us onto the Tintern Abbey grounds. We follow this trail over to the actual Abbey and follow the drive back up to the Trail Head car park at the gate. Today's cycle journey comes to a close here. I hope you have enjoyed our summer destination spins.

(Tintern Abbey was a Cistercian abbey located on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland. The Abbey – which is today in ruins, some of which have been restored – was founded in c. 1200 by William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, as the result of a vow he had made when his boat was caught in a storm nearby). 

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Georgina Gaul
Georgina Gaul


I love my bike! I love adventure, being outside in the fresh air, on the move, all year round. I love how it makes me feel - Alive! I honestly believe the best experiences are shared experiences which is why I decided to register to become a Ride Leader. I want to share the 'Feel Good' with as many people as possible. We will never be as young again as we are now, let's give it a go and see what happens!

Leader Comments
Georgina Gaul

What a day! It started with a little trail cycling - think old stoney road with grass down the middle - the adventure continued as we made our way along the mainly coast road over towards Hook Head Lighthouse, stopping off for a look around Poulfur church and grounds and then a detour to Fethard harbour and pier and the well positioned picnic bench that looks back at Carnivan beach. We chatted to locals and tourists alike. There was a great atmosphere at the lighthouse with plenty of visitors all picnicing in a socially distanced manor on the well spread out benches. The return trip, with a tail wind was a 'breeze'! : ))) We arrived back at our familiar little lane at the rear of Tintern Abbey before we knew it. It was definitely a day of fun, adventure and discovery. Exactly the kind of summers day you'd like to have. Carefree with sunshine.  Traffic for the best part was light and not aggressive. Sunday drivers and holiday makers are not in a rush. So worth doing and a box ticked for all of us.

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